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Theatre company focused on the expansion of innovative English language theatre in Denmark  under the artistic direction of Jeremy M. Thomas.

Our site is being pampered, stay tuned for upcoming launch www.HITCPH.dk

Please join us for our exciting CPH Queer Theatre Festival programme, where we will be presenting presenting a variety of international queer theatre performances ranging from an australian cabaret created by Moira Finucane, a hilarious ensemble comedy by Neil Labute, a naked solo performance, pop-up premieres, panel debates, artist gatherings and a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with the artistic process.

Moira Finucane – “Rapture” Art vs Extinction


What People are Saying

The Shy Manifesto


“Daniel Niel Ash er alene på scenen i små 90 minutter, men sjældent har man set en mere fornøjelig monolog end denne… Ingen vil gå uberørt hjem efter Daniel Niel Ashs præstation.”

The White Plague

To Do List, London
“A dystopian immersive masterpiece – UNMISSABLE!”

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike

“Suffice it to say, this has been another masterclass by director Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen….as the title suggests, this is the story of Vanya, Sonia and Masha, and all three are brilliantly cast….Rosenmeier brings undeniable star quality as Masha… gives the ogress a pathos that makes her redemption a feel-good moment. And she also shines as a comic actress.”

Old Times

CPH Post  
“This…production of ‘Old Times’ must rank as one of the sexiest ever adaptations of renowned playwright Harold Pinter’s work….Its unlimited angles gave the audience the sense they were really look into someone’s living room as a voyeur… masterfully  presenting an absorbing re-interpretation of Pinter’s work.”